Vermiculite as Packaging Material

Expanded vermic Jul is a lightweight, clean and convenient material for packaging. It creates a suitable environment for transportation against any unusual situation that may occur during transportation. Thanks to its highly absorbent and inorganic properties, it can safely remove any liquid or dangerous chemical contained in the package. Expanded vermiculite can be used as […]

Vermiculite in Automotive Industry

Lightweight, high temperature resistance, fireproof vermiculite extensively with longevity and structure, frictional lining the industry in brake and clutch linings), and asbestosis in this area that may be a credible alternative to the sector play an important role in the material.

Using Vermiculite as Animal Feed

Vermiculite, which has fluid, soft, sterile and absorbent properties, is used as animal feed. It provides transportation and support of nutrites such as vermiculite, molasses, vitamin mixtures and lubricable oils. Vermiculite, which has a high temperature and high liquid content, regulates the need for the necessary liquid due to its structure. It provides natural vitamins […]

Vermiculite As Insulation Material

Another example of the use of vermiculite as a raw material or developing active ingredient in various production areas is its use as an insulation material in high temperature and industrial areas. Vermiculite-based products range from factory-made boards and panels to premixed coatings that can be applied to mechanical spraying and hand plaster. Such coatings […]

Vermiculite in Construction Industry

Vermiculite has a very common usage volume in the field of building and construction. • Vermiculite is mixed with a bituminous binder and used as a dry lightweight roof and floor insulation material. The coating material formed in this way provides users with such possibilities as low thermal conductivity, low moisture content and easy installation.• […]

Vermiculite in Agriculture and Horticulture

Vermiculite has a widespread use worldwide in agricultural activities. Vermiculite constitutes a suitable plant growing environment due to its structure in terms of agriculture. It is often used in the formulation of fertilizers by mixing with peat or peat. The vermiculite/peat or coconut shell formulation creates the ideal conditions for a plant to grow. The […]